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Unleashed: Hammer Battalion (LP Vinyl) Vinilo

 Hammer Battalion (LP Vinyl)
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Unleashed have been pounding out Viking death metal for three decades now. Hammer Battalion was releases originally in 2009 and is available now on a strictly limited vinyl record.

A1 The Greatest Of All Lies 3:22
A2 Long Before Winter's Call 3:51
A3 Your Children Will Burn 2:57
A4 Hammer Battalion 3:29
A5 This Day Belongs To Me 2:38
A6 Marching Off To War 3:50
B1 Entering The Hall Of The Slain 3:33
B2 Black Horizon 3:54
B3 Carved In Stone 3:19
B4 Warriors Of Midgard 3:35
B5 Midsummer Solstice 3:06
B6 Home Of The Brave 2:51
B7 I Want You Dead 4:03


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