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Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier (2-LP Set, 180 Gram Vinyl) Vinilo

The Final Frontier (2-LP Set, 180 Gram Vinyl)
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180 gram double vinyl LP pressing. Originally released in 2010, Iron Maiden's fifteenth studio album, The Final Frontier was released an incredible 30 years after the band's game-changing self-titled debut in 1980. The release also marked the band's first since 2006's A Matter of Life and Death which was the longest gap between any Maiden studio release until it's 2015 follow-up. Reuniting with long-time producer Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, the 10-song set mixes up-tempo rock numbers with more groove oriented material, all with Maiden's signature British heavy metal imprint.


Track Listings

Side: 1

  1. Satellite 15

  2. El Dorado

  3. Mother Of Mercy

Side: 2

  1. Coming Home

  2. The Alchemist

  3. Isle Of Avalon

Side: 3

  1. Starblind

  2. The Talisman

Side: 4

  1. The Man Who Would Be King


  2. When The Wild Wind Blows


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