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Borknagar: True North cd-audio

True North
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Digipak edition including two bonus tracks. Norway's avant-garde black metal pioneers and innovators Borknagar arise at their most spirited and resplendend on their 11th studio album, True North. Succeeding 2016's acclaimed Winter Thrice release and 25 years into the band's existence, Borknagar's characteristically varied fusion of musical styles and inimitable layered vocal arrangements elevates the hour-long array of these nine new tracks to a sonic spectacle of epic proportions and undisputable grandeur. True North was once again mixed by Jens Bogren / Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Kreator).



1 Thunderous

2 Up North

3 The Fire That Burns

4 Lights

5 Wild Father's Heart

6 Mount Rapture

7 Into the White

8 Tidal

9 Voices

10 Wild Father's Heart

11 Up North


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