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Marillion: All One Tonight Live At The Royal Albert Hall (4-LP Vinyl) Vinilo

All One Tonight Live At The Royal Albert Hall (4-LP Vinyl)
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British rock band Marillion, founded in 1979, have become one of the most commercially successful neo-progressive rock bands of the 1980s and are still one of the most outstanding representatives of their genre. Throughout a celebrated career that has spanned almost four decades they have released 18 studio albums and sold over 15 million copies worldwide. On October 13, 2017, Marillion played at the Royal Albert Hall for the very first time. The concert was sold out in a split second and the audience, travelling from all over the world, was rewarded with an incredible Marillion show. In two parts, "All One Tonight" firstly showcases the band's acclaimed 2016 studio album 'F E A R' in full. Accompanied by an awe-inspiring light show and films, Marillion perform their incisive and era-defining zeitgeist with unparalleled passion and power. The second half introduces 'In Praise Of Folly' and guests, a string quartet with flute and French horn that throughout the rest of the show inject an extra depth and emotion to some of Marillion s best-loved live material. The concert film was directed and edited by Tim Sidwell and recorded and mixed by Michael Hunter. Available on 2CD, 2DVD, 2 Blu-ray, 4LP (180 gram) vinyl and Digital



- Side 1 -

1 El Dorado

- Side 2 -

1 Living in F E a R

2 White Paper

- Side 3 -

1 The Leavers

- Side 4 -

1 The New Kings

2 Tomorrow's New Country

- Side 5 -

1 The Space

2 Afraid of Sunlight

- Side 6 -

1 The Great Escape

2 Easter

- Side 7 -

1 Go

2 Man of a Thousand Faces

3 Waiting to Happen

- Side 8 -

1 Neverland

2 The Leavers: V. One Tonight


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