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Steven Wilson: Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (BluRay/2CD) Blu Ray

Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (BluRay/2CD)
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Two CDs + Blu-ray. 2018 live release. Steven Wilson, once described as 'the most successful British musician most people have never heard of,' embarked on his sold-out world tour last year in support of his latest album To The Bone which has sold over 150k albums worldwide to date. Both the album and the tour received amazing reviews with Q giving the album 4* 'Wonderfully executed... pop brilliance.' Eagle Rock filmed the full 3 hr. Concert in March 2018 where the show was part of his three-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall. Bonus Features: Rehearsal Tracks of Routine/Hand Cannot Erase/Heartattack In A Layby and an Interview.



1 "Truth" Intro [Live]

2 Nowhere Now [Live]

3 Pariah [Live]

4 Home Invasion / Regret #9 [Live]

5 The Creator Has a Mastertape [Live]

6 Refuge [Live]

7 People Who Eat Darkness [Live]

8 Ancestral [Live]

9 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here [Live]

10 Permanating [Live]

11 Song of I [Live]

12 Lazarus [Live]

13 Detonation [Live]

14 The Same Asylum As Before [Live]

15 Song of Unborn [Live]

16 Vermillioncore [Live]

17 Sleep Together [Live]

18 Even Less [Live]

19 Blank Tapes [Live]

20 The Sound of Muzak [Live]


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