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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: While We're At It (LP Vinyl) Vinilo

While We're At It (LP Vinyl)
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Mighty Mighty Bosstones New Album - Ska-legends Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced that on June 15th they will release a new 14-track record, titled While We're At It, with new single "Wonderful Day For The Race" leading the way. To say there's excitement for 47 minutes of new Bosstones music after a 7 year album absence would be an understatement. This is the groups 10th studio album in what front-man Dicky Barrett claims to be angrier than most!



1 Green Bay, Wisconsin 3:11

2 The Constant 3:38

3 Wonderful Day for the Race 3:16

4 Unified 3:27

5 Divide 2:00

6 Closer to Nowhere 3:00

7 Walked Like a Ghost 3:14

8 The West Ends 2:51

9 Here We Are 3:48

10 The Mad Dash 2:46

11 Absolutely Wrong 3:21

12 In Honor of 4:16

13 Hugo's Wife 3:53

14 After the Music Is Over 5:24


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