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Pendragon: Passion (Double Vinyl) Vinilo

Passion (Double Vinyl)
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Double black vinyl LP pressing. 2011 album from the veteran Prog Rock band. Pendragon formed in 1978 and over the past 30-odd years have built up a fanatical fan base around the world, releasing eight albums along with countless EPs, live and mini-albums. Most of these have been released on their own Toff Records label. The most recent of these was 2008's Pure, which was named Album of the Year by Classic Rock Society and described by Classic Rock magazine as 'Pendragon's finest hour so far without a doubt'. Mad Fish.



1 Passion

2 Empathy

3 Feeding Frenzy

4 This Green and Pleasant Land

5 It's Just a Matter of Not Getting Caught

6 Skara Brae

7 Your Black Heart


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