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Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep of Reason (Grey/Black splatter Vinyl) Vinilo

The Violent Sleep of Reason (Grey/Black splatter Vinyl)
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The Violent Sleep of Reason, the band's eighth full-length studio album, finds MESHUGGAH building upon their legacy for fearless metal sculpting within the context of extreme metal, but also recapturing some of the magic and excitement specifically within the aspect of performance, finding flow and groove that would be a challenge for any lesser band to locate, given such technical geometric madness at mischievous hand. Produced by Meshuggah; engineered by Tue Madsen, Puk Studios, Kaerby, Denmark.



1 Clockworks

2 Born in Dissonance

3 Monstrocity

4 By the Ton

5 Violent Sleep of Reason

6 Ivory Tower

7 Stifled

8 Nostrum

9 Our Rage Won't Die

10 Into Decay


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