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Nile: Vile Nilotic Rites cd-audio

Vile Nilotic Rites
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There's death metal and then there's Nile. For their ninth studio effort, Vile Nilotic Rites, the mantra was: if it's not right for the song, it gets cut. Nothing superfluous or idiosyncratic were allowed to persist on and live through Nile's new team-based songwriting process. If a part was savage but didn't fit, out the door it went. But if it was merciless and fit into the overall design of the song, it was kept and curated. The end result of Nile's extreme musical vetting was 11 songs, sharp as obsidian blades, heavy as nine Nubian pyramids. Songs like "Oxford Handbook Of Savage Genocidal Warfare," "That Which Is Forbidden," "Revel In Their Suffering," and the title track exhibit the self-made qualities of editorial perfection without losing the fiery passion that makes Nile's death metal devastatingly uncontestable.



1 Long Shadows of Dread

2 The Oxford Handbook of Savage Genocidal Warfare

3 Vile Nilotic Rites

4 Seven Horns of War

5 That Which Is Forbidden

6 Snake Pit Mating Frenzy

7 Revel in Their Suffering

8 Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind

9 Where Is the Wrathful Sky

10 The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened

11 We Are Cursed

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