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Katatonia: Dead Air (2CD+DVD) cd-audio

Dead Air (2CD+DVD)
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2020 saw Katatonia present it's eleventh studio opus - the poignant City Burials - to unanimous acclaim. Following closely in it's footsteps, the Swedish dark rock masters present Dead Air to further immortalise these strangest of times. With a somewhat unforeseen global event transpiring this year which resulted in touring being made all but impossible for artists internationally, Katatonia conducted a more intimate "lockdown" show which was streamed live from Studio Grondahl, Stockholm on May 9th.

  Dead Air (Live From Gröndahl)
CD1-1 Lethean 6:00
CD1-2 Teargas 3:17
CD1-3 Serein 4:47
CD1-4 Deliberation 3:57
CD1-5 The Winter Of Our Passing 3:09
CD1-6 Ghost Of The Sun 4:07
CD1-7 The Racing Heart 4:26
CD1-8 Soil's Song 4:07
CD1-9 Old Heart Falls 4:23
CD2-1 Forsaker 4:10
CD2-2 Tonight's Music 4:22
CD2-3 In The White 4:57
CD2-4 Leaders 4:17
CD2-5 Lacquer 4:51
CD2-6 Omerta 3:09
CD2-7 My Twin 3:38
CD2-8 Unfurl 4:52
CD2-9 July 4:48
CD2-10 Evidence 5:29
CD2-11 Behind The Blood 5:06
  Full Film Set
DVD-1 Leathen  
DVD-2 Teargas  
DVD-3 Serein  
DVD-4 Deliberation  
DVD-5 The Winter Of Our Passing  
DVD-6 Ghost Of The Sun  
DVD-7 The Racing Heart  
DVD-8 Soil's Song  
DVD-9 Old Heart Falls  
DVD-10 Forsaker  
DVD-11 Tonight's Music  
DVD-12 In The White  
DVD-13 Leaders  
DVD-14 Lacquer  
DVD-15 Omerta  
DVD-16 My Twin  
DVD-17 Unfurl  
DVD-18 July  
DVD-19 Evidence  
DVD-20 Behind The Blood


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