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Evanescence: Synthesis Live [CD/Blu-Ray] Blu Ray

Synthesis Live [CD/Blu-Ray]
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Deluxe CD/Blu-ray edition. In 2003, Evanescence released Fallen, one of the most decade-defining albums (and one of the most successful debut albums of all time) and have gone on to became one of the most well-loved and respected bands of their generation. In the 15 years since their debut, Evanescence founder and lead-singer, Amy Lee, toured the world, has scored motion picture films and even took a three year break to start a family. In late 2017, Evanescence re-emerged from their hiatus with Synthesis-a reimagining of their best-known songs with orchestra and electronics and an accompanying sold-out and highly-acclaimed world tour. On November 3, 2017 Evanescence performed Synthesis Live in front of a sold out crowd at the Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino in CT.



1 Overture [Live]

2 Never Go Back [Live]

3 Lacrymosa [Live]

4 End of the Dream [Live]

5 My Heart Is Broken [Live]

6 Lithium [Live]

7 Bring Me to Life [Live]

8 Unravelling (Interlude) [Live]

9 Imaginary [Live]

10 Secret Door [Live]

11 Hi-Lo [Live]

12 Lost in Paradise [Live]

13 Your Star [Live]

14 My Immortal [Live]

15 The In-Between [Live]

16 Imperfection [Live]

17 Speak to Me [Live]

18 Good Enough [Live]

19 Swimming Home [Live]

20 Menu / Evanescence / Synthesis Live [Live]


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