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Mr Big: Live From Milan (2-CD/Blu Ray) Blu Ray

Live From Milan (2-CD/Blu Ray)
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2CD/Blu-Ray Following the release of their 2017 album, 'Defying Gravity', Mr. Big set out on a trek that took them all over the world to promote the new release in a live setting. Anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of seeing the band live knows that the virtuoso musicianship and incredible vocals are on full display in this setting. By this time, drummer Pat Torpey's battle with Parkinson s Disease had been made public, but Pat toured with the band regardless and sat behind the drum kit for select songs, while also providing background vocals, tambourine, etc. on other tracks when Matt Starr was taking his turn on the kit. Captured at a stop in Milan, IT, 'LIVE FROM MILAN' has a tracklisting that will surely satisfy long-time and newer fans of the band, and of course contains bass and guitar solos from the always entertaining and awe inspiring Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert, respectively. Sadly, this would be one of Pat Torpey s last performances with the band as he passed away from complications due to Parkinson's in early 2018. The set captures a special moment in time for the band and also serves as a 'greatest hits' of sorts as they hit on all their classic songs from the early albums as well as revered material from newer releases. GENRE: Hard Rock FOR FANS OF: Extreme, Cinderella, Winger, Firehouse, Skid Row, Warrant.


- Disc 1 -

1 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy

2 American Beauty

3 Undertow

4 Alive and Kickin'

5 Temperamental

6 Just Take My Heart

7 Take Cover

8 Green-Tinted Sixties Mind

9 Everybody Needs a Little Trouble

10 Price You Gotta Pay

11 Paul's Solo

12 Open Your Eyes

13 Wild World

14 Damn I'm in Love Again


- Disc 2 -

1 CD - Disc 2:

2 Rock and Roll Over

3 Around the World

4 Billy's Solo

5 Addicted to That Rush

6 To Be with You

7 1992

8 Colorado Bulldog

9 Defying Gravity


- Disc 3 -

1 Blu-ray:

2 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy

3 American Beauty

4 Undertow

5 Alive and Kickin'

6 Temperamental

7 Just Take My Heart

8 Take Cover

9 Green-Tinted Sixties Mind

10 Everybody Needs a Little Trouble

11 Price You Gotta Pay

12 Paul's Solo

13 Open Your Eyes

14 Wild World

15 Damn I'm in Love Again

16 Rock and Roll Over

17 Around the World

18 Billy's Solo

19 Addicted to That Rush

20 To Be with You

21 1992

22 Colorado Bulldog

23 Defying Gravity


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