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Powerwolf: The Metal Mass - Live (Double BluRay / CD) Blu Ray

The Metal Mass - Live (Double BluRay / CD)
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2BR/1CD. Powerwolf's history of success truly is a metal fairytale: Thanks to lifeblood, passion and talent the band has gathered an enormous amount of followers with until now six albums and uncountable captivating live gigs. Two albums in the Top 3 of the German Album Charts, sold-out headlining shows, frenetically celebrated festival gigs all over Europe – there is just one thing missing… A Blu-ray that brings the glorious metal mass onto your TV. Powerwolf do it again with style and have assembled a truly opulent package for their loyalest of fans. “The Metal Mass Live” contains three complete live shows with which you can enjoy the irresistible hooklines and great metal hymns of Powerwolf with live recordings from the Masters Of Rock, The Summer Breeze and The Oberhausen gig from the Wolfsnächte tour. Apart from that, all the previous videoclips and two documentaries are also included! Fans will surely appreciate witnessing the hilariously maverick sense of humor of the band members as well. “The Metal Mass Live” will be presented in beautiful packaging that will make collectors' hearts beat faster.

1.Blessed & Possessed (Live) 2.Coleus Sanctus (Live) 3.Amen & Attack (Live) 4.Cardinal Sin (Live) 5.Army Of The Night (Live) 6.Resurrection by Erection (Live) 7.Armata Strigoi (Live) 8.Dead Boys Don't Cry (Live) 9.Let There Be Night (Live) 10.Werewolves Of Armenia (Live) 11.In the Name of God (Deus Vult) [Live] 12.We Drink Your Blood (Live) 13.Lupus Dei (Live) 14.Sanctified with Dynamite (Live) 15.Kreuzfeuer (Live) 16.All We Need Is Blood (Live)


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