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Alter Bridge: Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities (4-LP Vinyl BOX) Vinilo

Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities (4-LP Vinyl BOX)
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One of the biggest moments of the band's career was the monumental show at London's famous O2 Arena on November 24th, 2016. That landmark performance is now captured in it's entirety on two CDs. The 19-track recording proves with a vengeance what an enormous presence Alter Bridge have become on concert stages around the world. Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips tear through hits like "Farther Than The Sun", "Show Me A Leader," "Rise Today", and their masterpiece "Isolation", showcasing a band on the top of their game. Other highlights include the Tremonti sung "Waters Rising", the acoustic-driven "Watch Over You" and their mighty signature anthem "Blackbird". In addition this release contains an exclusive full album length "Rarities"CD that will give every collector cause for rejoice! The rarities CD features the limited release tracks "Breathe", "Cruel Sun", and "Solace" alongside seven songs that have only come out to date in Japan. "Symphony Of Agony", the bonus track from the band's latest studio release "The Last Hero" also gets worldwide release on this collection.

- Side 1 -

1 The Writing on the Wall (Live)

2 Come to Life (Live)

3 Addicted to Pain (Live)

4 Ghost of Days Gone By (Live)

- Side 2 -

1 Cry of Achilles (Live)

2 The Other Side (Live)

3 Farther Than the Sun (Live)

- Side 3 -

1 Ties That Bind (Live)

2 Waters Rising (Live)

3 Crows on a Wire (Live)

- Side 4 -

1 Watch Over You (Solo Acoustic) [Live]

2 Isolation (Live)

3 Blackbird (Live)

- Side 5 -

1 Metalingus (Live)

2 Open Your Eyes (Live)

3 Show Me a Leader (Live)

- Side 6 -

1 Rise Today (Live)

2 Poison in Your Veins (Live)

3 My Champion (Live)

- Side 7 -

1 Breathe

2 Cruel Sun

3 Solace

4 New Way to Live

5 The Damage Done

- Side 8 -

1 We Don't Care at All

2 Zero

3 Home

4 Never Born to Follow

5 Never Say Die (Outright) 

6 Symphony of Agony (Last of Our Kind)


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