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John Garcia: John Garcia And The Band Of Gold (Vinyl) Vinilo

John Garcia And The Band Of Gold (Vinyl)
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Shaka till death! The Kyuss legend and founder of desert rock institutions such as Unida, Slo-Burn, Hermano and Vista Chino returns with his next incarnation: John Garcia & The Band Of Gold. After two solo albums and the „Coyote unplugged“ tour this one is an almost traditional family affair. None other than Chris Goss (who produced Kyuss and the Queens of the Stone Age) gave the self-titled album its finishing touches and provided that gritty, unmistakeable coating. The rather relaxed ‘Space Vato‘ starts off a desertfest second to none that melts down a whole subgenre to its core with groovers like ‘My Everything‘, ‘Cheyletiella‘ and Sturm-and-Drang-y ‘Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can)‘. Hypnotic closer ‘Softer Side‘ releases us back into reality: Shame. We would have loved to stay in California.


Track Listings

Side 1

  1. Space Vato

  2. Jim's Whiskers

  3. Chicken Delight

  4. Kentucky II

  5. My Everything

  6. Lillianna


Side 2

  1. Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can)

  2. Apache Junction

  3. Don't Even Think About It

  4. Cheyletiella

  5. Softer Side


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