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Dirkschneider: Live - Back to the Roots - Accepted! (3-LP Vinyl) Vinilo

Live - Back to the Roots - Accepted! (3-LP Vinyl)
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Limited triple black vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2017 live release from the German metal icon recorded in December 2016 in Brno, Czech Republic. The singer with the charismatic voice had his musical breakthrough with Accept in the early '80s. "It's still so much fun to sing these songs live, they are a part of my biography, but nevertheless it's about time to turn that page. There was so much talking and speculations about me and Accept, so this is kind of a musical statement from my end - which seems to be very interesting for the fans who came to these shows". After leaving Accept in 1987, he formed U.D.O., with whom he enjoyed commercial success as well. He returned to Accept in the '90s but left after the 1996 album Predator.




- Disc 1 -

1 Intro

2 Starlight

3 Living for Tonite

4 Flash Rockin' Man

5 London Leatherboys

6 Midnight Mover

7 Breaker

8 Head Over Heels

9 Neon Night


- Disc 2 -

1 Princess of the Dawn

2 Winter Dreams

3 Restless and Wild

4 Son of a Bitch

5 Up to the Limit

6 Wrong Is Right

7 Midnight Highway

8 Screaming for a Love-Bite

9 Monsterman

10 T.V. War


- Disc 3 -

1 Losers and Winners

2 Metal Heart

3 I'm a Rebel

4 Fast As a Shark

5 Balls to the Wall

6 Burning

7 Outro

8 My Way (Bonus)


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