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Alanis Morissette: Feast on Scraps (DVD/CD) DVD

Feast on Scraps (DVD/CD)
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DVD tracks: Baba, Right Through You, 21 Things I Want in a Lover, Hand in My Pocket, Purgatorying 1, Unprodigal Daughter, Flinch, All I Really Want, Precious Illusions, Sympathetic Character, Purgatorying 2, So Unsexy, Head Over Feet, Purgatorying 3, You Oughta Know, Hands Clean, Uninvited, Ironic, You Learn, That Particular Time, Thank U

Behind-the-scenes footage from Under Rug Swept

Rare home videos

Enhanced CD tracks: Fear of Bliss, Bent 4 U, Sorry to Myself, Sister Blister, Offer, Unprodigal Daughter, Simple Together, Purgatorying, Hands Clean (Acoustic)

Note: This DVD/CD combination is also available in a Smart Pak


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