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Pulp: Pulp Hits cd-audio

Pulp Hits
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Pulp has suffered the twin misfortunes of releasing an era-defining pop hit in 1995's "Common People" and a boasting a gangly, instantly recognizable frontman in Jarvis Cocker who is better known than his songs. The years spent as an indie land produced some fine (and not-so-fine) songs. It's easy to forget just how brilliant the band can be, as witnessed by the shimmering, slow-burning beauty of "Last Day of the Miners' Strike." With a dignity that few of his contemporaries could muster, Cocker sings "Some joker with a headband is getting chicks for free" and name-checks kids spitting on the town hall and frightening old ladies. "The future's ours for the taking now, if we just stick together." Let's hope for the future of guitar pop that they do. --Ben Johncock


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