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Darkthrone: Sempiternal Past cd-audio

Sempiternal Past
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2012 release containing early recordings from the Metal monsters. Sempiternal Past contains all four of Darkthrone's cult demo releases recorded in 1988-1989 ('Land of Frost', 'A New Dimension', 'Thulcandra', and 'Cromlech') and shows the remarkable development of the band in its early years. Each demo has now also been fully restored and remastered from the best tape sources available, specifically for this release. Also included on Sempiternal Past: The Darkthrone Demos are the tracks recorded at Oslo TV in 1989, along with a restored version of the rare song 'God of Disturbance And Friction'. The booklet for Sempiternal Past features rare photos of the band in their early years, as well as liner notes and lyrics.


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