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S.O.D.: Kill Yourself (DVD + CD Set) DVD

Kill Yourself (DVD + CD Set)
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Stormtroopers Of Death ‎– Kill Yourself - The Movie

CD, Album

  Kill Yourself - The Movie :
DVD-1 FBI Warning  
DVD-2 Opening Credits  
DVD-3 March Of The S.O.D.  
DVD-4 Sgt. "D" & The S.O.D.  
DVD-5 Humor  
DVD-6 Quandar Of Sector Seven  
DVD-7 Kill Yourself  
DVD-8 Milano Mosh  
DVD-9 Speak English Or Die  
DVD-10 Humor  
DVD-11 Make Room  
DVD-12 Fuck The Middle East / Douche Crew  
DVD-13 Humor  
DVD-14 Celtic Frosted Flakes  
DVD-15 Monkey Rules  
DVD-16 Ballads  
DVD-17 Humor  
DVD-18 Chromatic Death / Fist Banging Mania  
DVD-19 Skool Bus  
DVD-20 Humor  
DVD-21 No Turning Back  
DVD-22 Medley  
DVD-23 Evil Is In  
DVD-24 Humor  
DVD-25 Charlie Don't Cheat  
DVD-26 Milk  
DVD-27 Interview  
DVD-28 Seasoning The Obese  
DVD-29 Video Clip  
DVD-30 Introductions  
DVD-31 Humor  
DVD-32 Aren't You Hungry?  
DVD-33 Pussywhipped / Freddy Krueger  
DVD-34 United Forces  
DVD-35 Closing Credits  
DVD-36 Director's Audio Commentary  
DVD-37 Bonus Concert  
  Official Live Bootleg :
CD-1 March Of The S.O.D.  
CD-2 Sgt. "D" & The S.O.D.  
CD-3 Kill Yourself  
CD-4 Milano Mosh  
CD-5 Speak English Or Die  
CD-6 Make Room  
CD-7 Fuck The Middle East / Douche Crew  
CD-8 Celtic Frosted Flakes  
CD-9 Ballads  
CD-10 Chromatic Death / Fist Banging Mania  
CD-11 Skool Bus  
CD-12 No Turning Back  
CD-13 Medley  
CD-14 Evil Is In  
CD-15 Charlie Don't Cheat  
CD-16 Milk  
CD-17 Introductions  
CD-18 Aren't You Hungry?  
CD-19 Pussywhipped / Freddy Krueger  
CD-20 United Forces  


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