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Aisles: Live From Estudios del Sur cd-audio

Live From Estudios del Sur
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Live from Estudio Del Sur

by Aisles

© Copyright - Presagio Records / Presagio Records (192914402749)

This mini-album was recorded on a live setting at the prestigious Estudio del Sur, where we reversioned four of our most beloved songs, "Clouds Motion", "Shallow and Daft", "Still Alive" and "Club Hawaii"

Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock

Release Date: 2018

Live-in-studio EP containing reworked versions of fan favorite songs from their albums 'The Yearning, '4:45 AM', and the widely acclaimed 'Hawaii'. Watch the videos for this session at


1. Clouds Motion (Live) 6:58

2. Shallow and Daft (Live) 4:42

3. Still Alive (Live) 5:25

4. Club Hawaii (Live) 7:23


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