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Ensiferum: Thalassic CD-Audio

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2020 release. Ensiferum is a true powerhouse when it comes to folk-inspired melodic death metal, something they hammer home more resolutely than ever with eighth full-length Thalassic. The title translating from ancient Greek as "of or relating to seas", it's a suitably huge and wide-ranging collection that incorporates orchestrations and traditional folk instrumentation alongside the roaring guitars, bass, and drums. It's been three years since the towering Two Paths and the quintet kept themselves busy writing over that period. Viewing Two Paths and it's predecessor One Man Army (2015) as being something of a pair, this time out they wanted to jump into the unknown and try a new approach, without forgetting their roots.

  • 1 Seafarer's Dream
  • 2 Rum, Women, Victory
  • 3 Andromeda
  • 4 The Defence of the Sampo
  • 5 Run from the Crushing Tide
  • 6 For Sirens
  • 7 One with the Sea
  • 8 Midsummer Magic
  • 9 Cold Northland (VäInäMöInen Part III)


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