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Ion CZ800-10 Replacement Cartridge with Stylus

Ion CZ800-10 Replacement Cartridge with Stylus
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Ion CZ800-10 Replacement Cartridge with Stylus


Brand: Ion Audio

UPC: 762183990003


Your cartridge and stylus are where the rubber hits the road on your turntable. Or should we say, where the needle hits the record. This replacement ceramic cartridge is a perfect fit for your Classic LP, iPT01, iPTUSB, iPTUSB LE, Max LP, or Mobile LP and many other ION turntables. If your stylus is worn, or if you just need a backup, this cartridge will keep your turntable in top shape and sounding great.


Cartridge Type: Ceramic

Stylus tip: Sapphire 0.7mil with long playing life and good reproduction of voice and music

Tracking force: 5 grams (4-6 grams)

Weight of Cartridge: 1.8 grams

Output voltage: 180-360mV

Channel balance at 1kHz: within 3dB

Channel separation at 1kHz: ≥20dB

Frequency response: 50-10,000Hz



Fits all ION turntables that use a ceramic cartridge listed below:

Classic LP

Max LP

Mobile LP


Archive LP

Forever LP

Live LP

Power Play

Quick Play Flash

Quick Play LP

Vinyl Motion

Vinyl Motion Deluxe

Air LP

Duo Deck



CD Direct


Profile LP

Profile Pro


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