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Ion Audio: Record Cleaning Kit Accesorio

Record Cleaning Kit
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Record Cleaning Kit


Brand: Ion Audio

UPC: 812715013271


Bring your records back to life. Clean all your records quickly and easily. For the best possible sound quality when playing or converting your vinyl records you need to keep your records clean. VINYL ALIVE is a record cleaning kit that features the latest in vinyl cleaning solutions with a premium pad for removing dust and other particles from your records. VINYL ALIVE combines a plush velvet pad with the ION record cleaning solution to revive all of your records. A wooden handle with a comfortable grip makes VINYL ALIVE easy to handle and smooth-rolling from start to finish.


Transforms your vinyl records from dusty to gleaming in seconds

Velvet cleaning pad with wooden handle

Comfortable grip for easy cleaning of all your records

ION cleaning solution gets your records sounding their best

Handy bottle with spray nozzle for easy application


ION Cleaning Brush

ION Cleaning Solution

Safety & Warranty Manual


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