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Various: The Story of Metal Magazine Volume 2 (Revised Edition) 1986 - 2021 Libros

The Story of Metal Magazine Volume 2 (Revised Edition) 1986 - 2021
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If metal's first decade and a half - its Old Testament - was a rush of excitement and exploration, the period from 1986 onwards was where everything went absolutely crazy. The new prophets - from Metallica and Guns n' Roses to Pantera, Korn and beyond - took the stone tablets passed down by metal's elders and smashed them into a thousand pieces. Suddenly, metal was more than just one genre - it was dozens.

In this second volume of The Story of Metal, we look at the genre's New Testament in all its noisy, larger-than-life glory. We pick up the story in 1986, with the landscape-changing impact of thrash metal and Guns n' Roses, then follow its breakneck journey through alt-metal, nu metal, metalcore and beyond. There are returning icons such as Maiden and Ozzy plus next-generation heroes in the shape of Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Babymetal and more, with all manner of wild and wonderful pit stops along the way.


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