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Benediction: Scriptures (Jewel Case) CD-Audio

Scriptures (Jewel Case)
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With over 30 years in the business and in a genre that not only refuses to die but is benefitting from a new lease of life, Benediction is back with "Scriptures", arguably their best release to date. Formed in 1989 Benediction was quickly picked up by German underground metal label Nuclear Blast Records, a partnership that lasts to this day. At it's core "Scriptures" is death metal, a subgenre Benediction helped popularize and perfect, fused with the punk rock anger and attitude. The heavy metal powertrain riffing that's become a staple for the band, aggressive monster vocals from Dave Ingram, and that groove that sets them apart others in their field.

  • 1 Iterations of I
  • 2 Scriptures in Scarlet
  • 3 The Crooked Man
  • 4 Stormcrow
  • 5 Progenitors of a New Paradigm
  • 6 Rabid Carnality
  • 7 In Our Hands, the Scars
  • 8 Tear Off These Wings
  • 9 Embrace the Kill
  • 10 Neverwhen
  • 11 The Blight at the End
  • 12 We Are Legion


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