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Havok: Being & Nothingness (Jewel Case) CD-Audio

Being & Nothingness (Jewel Case)
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2009 release from this Swedish Death Metal outfit, who are one of Europe's most interesting extreme Metal bands. Havok's inventive Death Metal can be described as a mixture of the force from early Decide and the experimental brilliance of Opeth and Meshuggah. These gentlemen aren't grinding to kill some time or to impress the inner circle - the aim is set for world dominance, and with the purposefulness this Lund legion displays on the well-produced Being And Nothingness, the possibility cannot be ruled out. 10 tracks.

1 Avaye Penhan 1:21
2 The Monsoon 4:56
3 A Pyrrhic Victory For Humanity 6:25
4 Iniquity 5:30
5 Paramount 5:00
6 Monologue With The Sky 3:58
7 Century Of The Deviant 8:01
8 Stormfeed 7:05
9 The Ambulant Plague Of Humans 5:36
10 Season Of The Locust 5:24


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