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Wolfheart: King Of The North (CD) CD-Audio

King Of The North (CD)
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2022 release. Finnish frontrunners Wolfheart have proven themselves to be one of metal's most captivating acts of northern heritage and one of the fastest rising bands in the international melodic death metal scene. King Of The North picks up right where Wolfheart left off - taking every aspect of their trademark sound of colossal melodies, growling vocals and driving drum rhythms to searing new levels. Each song on King Of The North is dedicated to a different story of Finnish mythology - underlined by Wolfheart's grand, crushing songwriting and production.

  • 1 Skyforger 
  • 2 Ancestor 
  • 3 Knell 
  • 4 Desolated Land 
  • 5 The King 
  • 6 Cold Flame 
  • 7 Headstones 
  • 8 Fires of the Fallen 
  • 9 Eternal Slumber


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