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Secret Sphere: Lifeblood (Jewel Case) CD-Audio

Lifeblood (Jewel Case)
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Now approaching nearly 25 years of existence, Italian power/progressive metallers Secret Sphere have been steadily and reliably crafting epic, melodic European metal of the power and progressive variety for their entire careers. With a rejuvenated line-up for their latest album, Lifeblood showcases a band breathing new life and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The release also marks the return of vocalist Roberto Messina to the fold, whom fronted the band from 1997-2012. Lifeblood celebrates the classical sound of Secret Sphere with more energy, bombastic arrangements, and memorable choruses. An absolute must hear for not only fans of the band, but European metal fans in general!

  • 1 Shaping Reality
  • 2 Lifeblood
  • 3 The End of An Ego
  • 4 Life Survivors
  • 5 Alive
  • 6 Against All the Odds
  • 7 Thank You
  • 8 The Violent Ones
  • 9 Solitary Fight
  • 10 Skywards
  • 11 The Lie We Love


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