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Overkill: Live In Overhausen (Blu-ray + 2-CDs) Blu-ray

Live In Overhausen (Blu-ray + 2-CDs)
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Deluxe Blu-ray + two CD edition, live release from the metal legends. Recorded and filmed in the German town of Oberhausen, Germany, Overkill pulled out two of their classic records! The first half of the release contains the band performing their entire 1991 classic, Horrorscope. The second half contains the band performing their 1985 debut, Feel the Fire.


    Part 1 Volume 1: Horrorscope  
CD1-1   Coma
CD1-2   Infectious
CD1-3   Blood Money
CD1-4   Thanx For Nothin’
CD1-5   Bare Bones
CD1-6   Horrorscope
CD1-7   New Machine
CD1-8   Frankenstein
CD1-9   Live Young, Die Free
CD1-10   Nice Day… For A Funeral
CD1-11   Soulitude
    Part 2 Volume two: Feel The Fire  
CD2-1   Raise The Dead
CD2-2   Rotten To The Core
CD2-3   There’s No Tomorrow
CD2-4   Second Son
CD2-5   Hammerhead
CD2-6   Feel The Fire
CD2-7   Blood And Iron
CD2-8   Kill At Command
CD2-9   Overkill
CD2-10   Fuck You
    Blu-ray: Horrorscope Volume One + Feel The Fire Volume Two  
BD-1   Coma
BD-2   Infectious
BD-3   Blood Money
BD-4   Thanx For Nothin
BD-5   Bare Bones
BD-6   Horrorscope
BD-7   New Machine
BD-8   Frankenstein
BD-9   Live Young, Die Free
BD-10   Nice Day… For A Funeral
BD-11   Soulitude
BD-12   Raise The Dead
BD-13   Rotten To The Core
BD-14   There’s No Tomorrow
BD-15   Second Son
BD-16   Hammerhead
BD-17   Feel The Fire
BD-18   Blood And Iron
BD-19   Kill At Command
BD-20   Overkill
BD-21   Fuck You


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