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Paradise Lost: Obsidian (Ocean BLUE LP Vinyl) Vinilo

Obsidian (Ocean BLUE LP Vinyl)
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One of the most resilient of British metal bands, Paradise Lost return with "Obsidian", their sixteenth album in their storied and influential 32-year career. The band's new album is a rich and dynamic deluge of black shades, exhibiting both a back-to-basics ferocity as well as elegant and atmospheric gothic persuasions. "Obsidian" showcases the band's ever-blazing passion for forging ahead.

  • 1 Darker Thoughts
  • 2 Fall from Grace
  • 3 Ghosts
  • 4 The Devil Embraced
  • 5 Forsaken
  • 6 Serenity
  • 7 Ending Days
  • 8 Hope Dies Young
  • 9 Ravenghast


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