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Carnifex: World War X (Orange/ Black Splatter LP Vinyl) Vinilo

World War X (Orange/ Black Splatter LP Vinyl)
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Originally taking shape in 2005 San Diego's deathcore originators Carnifex has released six full length releases as well as a variety of eps and demos, the latest being the Dec 2018 ep "Bury Me in Blasphemy". The band's seventh release, "World War X", will be released Aug 2 and contains the first single and video, "No Light Shall Save Us", which features additional vocals from Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy. Around the release of "World War X" Carnifex will begin a run on one of the largest metal tours in North America.

  • 1 World War X
  • 2 Visions of the End
  • 3 This Infernal Darkness
  • 4 Eyes of the Executioner
  • 5 No Light Shall Save Us
  • 6 All Roads Lead to Hell
  • 7 Brushed By the Wings of Demons
  • 8 Hail Hellfire
  • 9 By Shadows Thine Held


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