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Numark: Numark HF150 | Collapsible On-Ear Headphones Tecnología

 Numark HF150 | Collapsible On-Ear Headphones
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Ultra-Portable Pro Performance

With the rise in low-profile, highly portable DJ gear, it is entirely possible to work an entire show with a backpack full of gear. Enter HF150, our most portable DJ headphone yet. With a unique collapsible design, the HF150 lets you travel light without sacrificing the sound quality you require.

Comfort without Compromise

Featuring sealed earcups and a cushy on-ear cup, background noise is reduced to a minimum, letting you hear the details of your mix with ease. The HF150’s are suitable for all night sessions thanks to their lightweight design and comfort-centric specification.

Engineered to Impress

40mm drivers are what you can expect in a full-size headphone, but the HF150's expertly engineered design manages the power and capability of a large transducer inside the most portable form-factor—at just a fraction of the size

Eye-Catching Design

The headphones don't only sound great, they look great too! The striking red and black design on the HF 150’s make any DJ stand out from the crowd whilst simultaneously offering the must-have performance driven specifications the modern DJ demands.


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