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Bruce Dickinson: Balls to Picasso (LP Vinyl) Vinilo

Balls to Picasso (LP Vinyl)
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People tend to forget in the wake of 1999's successful and still-going reunion of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson released some killer albums and this one is arguably my favorite. Aggressive, passionate and inspired, the performances and songs on here are just as good as anything Maiden ever did. Right from the opener "Cyclops" and "Hell No" show the man finally in complete control of his musical destiny and while still sounding like what came before, you can hear smatterings of new sounds thrown in here and there. "Laughing in the Hiding Bush" is a real earworm of a track and it's silly title will stick in your head for days afterward. But the real gem on here is a song that I wish would make it to Maiden's setlists, "Tears of the Dragon". Hauntingly beautiful and staggeringly well-written, this is such a great track that I find myself digging it out once every few months just to take in it's glory. Speaking of different sounds, it actually has a quasi-reggae breakdown after the main guitar solo......and it fits perfectly. This also being the Expanded Edition, you've got an impressive 16(!) bonus tracks which include alternate mixes as well as acoustic versions of some of the songs and covers. Another album unfairly looked-over that should be in your collection.

Track Listings


Side: 1

  1. Cyclops (2017 - Remaster)

  2. Hell No (2017 - Remaster)

  3. Gods of War (2017 - Remaster)

  4. 1000 Points of Light (2017 - Remaster)


Side: 2

  1. Laughing In the Hiding Bush (2017 - Remaster)

  2. Change of Heart (2017 - Remaster)

  3. Shoot All the Clowns (2017 - Remaster)

  4. Fire (2017 - Remaster)

  5. Sacred Cowboys (2017 - Remaster)

  6. Tears of the Dragon (2017 - Remaster)


Product details


Vinyl (October 27, 2017)

Number of Discs: 1

Label: Sanctuary Records


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