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Apocalypse: Live in Rio (DVD) DVD

Live in Rio (DVD)
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Apocalypse Live in Rio

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In September 2005, Apocalypse was invited to the Rock Symphony for the Record Festival at the Teatro Municipal de Niterói, Rio de JaneiroBrazil. The band's concert, on September 8th, was taped for posterity and released in DVD and format. In this project the Apocalypse band recorded some of their old hits in English language. 

Track listing

  1. Cut
  2. South America
  3. Refuge
  4. Mirage
  5. Blue Earth
  6. Magic
  7. Waterfall Of Golden Waters
  8. Tears
  9. Time Traveller
  10. Coming From The Stars Medley
  11. Peace In The Loneliness



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