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HEAVY METAL MAG: Heavy Metal Mag. #287 - Cover by Rob Jones LIBROS

Heavy Metal Mag. #287 - Cover by Rob Jones
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Heavy Metal Mag. #287 - The MUSIC Special Cover by Rob Jones


The two things you always knew in your heart should be together—are now together. Heavy Metal (the magazine, in fact the World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine) is filled with stories inspired by the greatest songs of heavy metal (the genre). When your list of contributors includes Ozzy Osbourne, Trent Reznor, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue—well, you must be on to some special shit. And for Satan’s sake (hail Satan!), we are. Just take a look at what’s in this issue: Songs, by heavy metal (music) artists, turned into graphic stories in collaboration with Heavy Metal (magazine) writers and artists. You’ll see all the credits on the captions below. Horns up!


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