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Whitesnake: Still... Good to Be Bad (Super Deluxe Edition) CD-Audio

 Still... Good to Be Bad (Super Deluxe Edition)
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Whitesnake explores the group's 2008 return with the upcoming retrospective, STILL GOOD TO BE BAD. The music will be available in different configurations on April 28, a few days after the original album's 15th anniversary. The newly remixed version of "Can You Hear The Wind Blow" (track and video) will launch on 2/24 along with the preorder and album announce. The first collection is a 4-CD/Blu-ray set. It has two new versions of the original album (one remastered and the other remixed), a selection of rare and unreleased studio and live recordings from the period, and video of electrifying live performances from the Good To Be Bad world tour. 4CD/1BD with 60pg book/poster/tour book.

    2023 Remix  
CD1-1   Best Years
CD1-2   Can You Hear The Wind Blow
CD1-3   Lay Down Your Love
CD1-4   All I Want All I Need
CD1-5   Call On Me
CD1-6   All for Love
CD1-7   Good To Be Bad
CD1-8   Summer Rain
CD1-9   If You Want Me
CD1-10   Got What You Need
CD1-11   Dog
CD1-12   All I Want Is You
CD1-13   A Fool In Love
CD1-14   Ready To Rock
CD1-15   'Til The End Of Time
    2023 Remaster  
CD2-1   Best Years
CD2-2   Can You Hear The Wind Blow
CD2-3   Lay Down Your Love
CD2-4   If You Want Me
CD2-5   All I Want All I Need
CD2-6   Call On Me
CD2-7   Ready To Rock
CD2-8   Summer Rain
CD2-9   Good To Be Bad
CD2-10   All For Love
CD2-11   All I Want Is You
CD2-12   Got What You Need
CD2-13   A Fool In Love
CD2-14   Dog
CD2-15   'Til The End Of Time
    Alternative Remixes & Versions  
CD3-1   Lay Down Your Love
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-2   Call On Me
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-3   All For Love
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-4   Good To Be Bad
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-5   If You Want Me
Featuring – Hook City Horns
CD3-6   Got What You Need
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-7   A Fool In Love
Featuring – Hook City Harlots
CD3-8   Dog
Drums – Tommy Aldridge
CD3-9   All I Want Is You
Drums – Tommy Aldridge
CD3-10   Ready To Rock
Drums – Tommy Aldridge
CD3-11   If You Want Me
Drums – Tommy Aldridge
CD3-12   All For Love
CD3-13   Summer Rain
CD4-1   Best Years
CD4-2   Can You Hear The Wind Blow
CD4-3   Lay Down Your Love
CD4-4   All I Want All I Need
CD4-5   Call On Me
CD4-6   All For Love
CD4-7   Good To Be Bad
CD4-8   Summer Rain
CD4-9   If You Want Me
CD4-10   Got What You Need
CD4-11   Dog

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