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Pink Floyd: The Later Years 1987-2019 CD-Audio

The Later Years 1987-2019
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2019 collection. Pink Floyd built their legend starting in the late '60s and soared into the stratosphere in the '70s, but their later period is no artistic or commercial slouch. The music created by David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason from 1987 onwards has generated record sales of more than 40 million worldwide, and fully ensconced Pink Floyd in rock music's pantheon. Now, the band's 1987-2019 period is getting it's first comprehensive retrospective-but let's start small here, with the highlights edition of The Later Years. Feature 24-page booklets full of rare and unseen photos, to go with "Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5," "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here" (last three are live at Knebworth 1990), "High Hopes" (early version), "Marooned Jam" (last two are Division Bell session), "One Slip," "On the Turning Away," "Sorrow," "Us and Them," "Run Like Hell," "Learning to Fly" (last five are 2019 remixes, and the last three of those are the Delicate Sound of Thunder versions) and "Lost for Words" (Pulse tour rehearsal).



1 Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5 (Live at Knebworth 1990)

2 Marooned Jam (The Division Bell Sessions)

3 One Slip (2019 Remix)

4 Lost for Words (Pulse Tour Rehearsal)

5 Us and Them (Delicate Sound of Thunder 2019 Remix)

6 Comfortably Numb (Live at Knebworth 1990)

7 Sorrow (2019 Remix)

8 Learning to Fly (Delicate Sound of Thunder 2019 Remix)

9 High Hopes (Early Version)(The Division Bell Sessions)

10 On the Turning Away (2019 Remix)

11 Wish You Were Here (Live at Knebworth 1990)

12 Run Like Hell (Delicate Sound of Thunder 2019 Remix)


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