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Limp Bizkit: Rock Im Park 2001 (rsd) (RSD Exclusive) (CD) CD-Audio

Rock Im Park 2001 (rsd) (RSD Exclusive) (CD)
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Rock i'm Park 2001 is a live festival recording from Nuremberg, Germany. The festival performance of Limp Bizkit is praised as CHAOTIC FRENZIED-HIGH ENERGY. DJ Lethal functions as the sound designer shaping their sound on this recording. According to Lethal, "I try and bring new sounds, not just the regular chirping scratching sounds. It's all different stuff that you haven't heard before. In the UK it was released as a CD & DVD while the video was solely released as a DVD in the United States. It has NEVER been released as a stand alone CD or in a CD (Vinyl look-a-like) format. Format: CD (Vinyl Look-A-Like Compact Disc). This polycarbonate CD is "YELLOW" in color on both sides. The front includes groove vinyl design with a record label. The sound includes High-Res remastering that will play in any CD player. The packaging includes a cardbaord jacket, printed inner sleeve insert and an OBI side spine.




1 Hot Dog

2 Show Me What You Got

3 Break Stuff

4 The One

5 Livin' It Up

6 My Generation

7 Re-Arranged

8 Master of Puppets"

9 Faith

10 Full Nelson

11 My Way

12 Nookie

13 I Would for You

14 Take a Look Around

15 Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)