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Enforcer: Live By Fire II (Double Vinyl) Vinilo

Live By Fire II (Double Vinyl)
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Live By Fire II let's you experience Enforcer up close and at it's peak, and impressively documents the band's steady advance to international success. At the same time, it also serves as a collection of all the heavy metal anthems that Enforcer has already created in their five studio albums so far! From the speed metal attacks of Destroyer, Searching For You Midnight Vice to audience craters like From Beyond, One Thousand Years In Darkness; and Take Me Out Of This Nightmare the enthusiasm of fans and the powerful sound of Live By Fire II make the album a captivating and entertaining listening experience. The physical formats of the album will include in-depth booklets, including a tour program, the liner notes, and lots of photos compiled and edited by singer and guitarist Olof Wikstrand and who will have the Enforcer tours to the albums From Beyond and Zenith in the years between 2015 and 2020. Live By Fire II will be released as Gatefold 2LP with 16-LP booklet




1 Die for the Devil (Live)

2 Searching for You (Live)

3 Undying Evil (Live)

4 From Beyond (Live)

5 Bells of Hades/Death Rides This Night (Live)

6 Zenith of the Black Sun (Live)

7 Live for the Night (Live)

8 Mesmerized By Fire (Live)

9 One Thousand Years of Darkness (Live)

10 Guitar Solo/City Lights Jam (Live)

11 Scream of the Savage (Live)

12 Drum Solo (Live)

13 Run for Your Life (Live)

14 Take Me Out of This Nightmare (Live)

15 Destroyer (Live)

16 Katana (Live)

17 Midnight Vice (Live)