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Rotting Christ: Pro Xristoy (Limited Edition, Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Pro Xristoy (Limited Edition, Digipack Packaging)
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2024 release. For over three decades, Tolis brothers Sakis and Themis have carved a blackened path through the metal world. Architects of the Hellenic black metal, Rotting Christ has been blending histrionic atmospheres, mesmerizing choirs, and neo-classical arrangements for 35 years. Now, the Greek metal legends present their 14th studio album: 'Pro Xristou'. Translating to "Before Christ" in Greek, this album is a fervent tribute to the last Pagan kings who stood resilient against the Christian tide, safeguarding ancient values and knowledge. Dive deep into the legacies of figures like Flavius Claudius Julianus and Nordic mythological kings through tracks such as "The Apostate" and "Ygdrassil". 'Pro Xristou' encapsulates the essence of Rotting Christ's signature style - a melodic symphony with moments of unyielding harshness.




1 The Apostate

2 Like Father, Like Son

3 The Sixth Day

4 La Lettera Del Diavolo

5 The Farewell

6 Pix Lax Dax

7 Pretty World, Pretty Dies

8 Yggdrasil

9 Saoirse

10 Primal Resurrection

11 All for One