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Blind Guardian: At The Edge Of Time (2-LP Curacao Colored Vinyl) Vinilo

At The Edge Of Time (2-LP Curacao Colored Vinyl)
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After the tremendous success of 2022's "The God Machine", Germany's metal powerhouse Blind Guardian now releases new coloured vinyl editions of some much sought-after recent entries in their impressive discography. 2006's "A Twist in the Myth" and 2010's "At the Edge of Time" have not been repressed since a decade, and also 2015's "Beyond the Red Mirror" has become fairly rare these days. So make sure to grab those classy editions of finest, melodic, fast and intricate heavy metal, and catch the band live on tour in September / October 2023. Double LP, gatefold, CURACAO.

  • 1 Sacred Worlds
  • 2 Tanelorn (Into the Void)
  • 3 Road of No Release
  • 4 Ride Into Obsession
  • 5 Curse My Name
  • 6 Valkyries
  • 7 Control the Divine
  • 8 War of the Thrones
  • 9 A Voice in the Dark
  • 10 Wheel of Time


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