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Herb Alpert: Catch The Wind (Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Catch The Wind (Digipack Packaging)
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2021 release from the iconic musician In the 2010s, Herb Alpert released a prolific run of eight new studio albums. This year, the iconic leader of the Tijuana Brass shows no signs of slowing down with his latest effort, Catch The Wind. This new collection features nine original compositions, covers of beloved Beatles hits "Eleanor Rigby" and "Yesterday", and American classics "Smile", "America The Beautiful", and "Summertime". So, charge up your iPhone, dust off your Hi-Fi, put batteries in your boombox, plug the headphones into your Walkman, and get ready to listen to Herb Alpert's Catch The Wind.

  • 1 Slick
  • 2 Catch the Wind
  • 3 Eleanor Rigby
  • 4 Dance with Me
  • 5 Will I See You Again
  • 6 Brazilian Moon
  • 7 Billy Cha
  • 8 I'm Comin' Home
  • 9 Yesterday
  • 10 Summertime
  • 11 Fantasy Island
  • 12 Zoo Train 21
  • 13 America the Beautiful
  • 14 Smile


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