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Tribulation: Where the Gloom Becomes Sound CD-Audio

Where the Gloom Becomes Sound
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Where The Gloom Becomes Sound


Artist: Tribulation 

Format: CD 

Release Date: 1/29/2021

LABEL: Metal Blade

UPC: 039841574029

GENRE: Heavy Metal


Sweden's kings of gothic, deathly metal return with the new album, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound. Moored by an incredible songwriting team, developed by a brilliant production team, and aesthetically in a league of their own, it's a wonder Tribulation aren't playing stadiums. Where the Gloom Becomes Sound is a masterclass in all things tenebrous and creepy. The Swedes have crafted a sonic fingerprint unlike any other by fusing heavy metal, death metal, hard rock, and (Swedish) folk music into what can only be described as the "Tribulation sound."




1 In Remembrance

2 Hour of the Wolf

3 Leviathans

4 Dirge of a Dying Soul

5 Lethe

6 Daughter of the Djinn

7 Elementals

8 Inanna

9 Funeral Pyre

10 The Wilderness


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