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Exhorder: Defectum Omnium CD-Audio

Defectum Omnium
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Formed in 1986, Exhorder's journey has proven exciting, yet tumultuous. After a twenty-seven-year absence following their final Roadrunner Records release in 1992, Exhorder enter the game with an album considered by many to be a contender for the "Best Comeback Album". The band released Mourn the Southern Skies in 2019 through Nuclear Blast Records. Fraught with euphoric peaks and crippling valleys throughout it's existence, lineup changes, and the 2020-2021 pandemic, Exhorder clawed back through the muck to prepare yet another album to add to the discography.

In the spring of 2024, Exhorder presents their 4th full-length recording, Defectum Omnium. Produced by Exhorder & mixed by Jens Bogren, Defectum Omnium puts a foot back into the roots of the band's inception. The scales have tipped favorably towards the presence of punk & thrash. Tracks like 'Wrath of Prophecies', 'Forever and Beyond Despair', & 'Sedition' are what Exhorder comes by most honestly when referring to their beginning.

  • 1 Wrath of Prophecies
  • 2 Under the Gaslight
  • 3 Forever and Beyond Despair
  • 4 The Tale of Unsound Minds
  • 5 Divide and Conquer
  • 6 Year of the Goat
  • 7 Taken By Flames
  • 8 Defectum Omnium/Stolen Hope
  • 9 Three Stages of Truth/Lacing the Well
  • 10 Sedition
  • 11 Desensitized
  • 12 Your Six