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The Aristocrats: Duck CD-Audio

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Mixed by Australian sonic guru Forrester Savell, and with original character artwork by Lance Myers (Space Jam), "DUCK" is The Aristocrats' first new studio album in five years. And it's clear that Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann have taken their collective artistry to a whole new mindblowing - albeit ridiculous - level.

  • 1 Hey, Where's My Drink Package?
  • 2 Aristoclub
  • 3 SGT. Rockhopper
  • 4 Sittin' with a Duck on a Bay
  • 5 Here Come the Builders
  • 6 Muddle Through
  • 7 Slideshow
  • 8 And Then There Were Just Us/Duck's End
  • 9 This Is Not Scrotum