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Deathstars: Everything Destroys You (Splatter Vinyl) Vinilo

Everything Destroys You (Splatter Vinyl)
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Swedish industrial cult act Deathstars finally return with their latest sonic output Everything Destroys You. Their first release in over eight years marks a long-awaited comeback with everything that is Deathstars: adrenaline, bombast, sex & glam! Amplified anguish, destructive urban party nights, dystopia, and slick glamour - their diverse musical spectrum spans from electric, lightning-ridden highways of fun, action and adrenaline to darkness and jet-black humor. Splatter vinyl.

  • 1 This Is
  • 2 Midnight Party
  • 3 Anti All
  • 4 Everything Destroys You
  • 5 Between Volumes and Voids
  • 6 An Atomic Prayer
  • 7 Blood for Miles
  • 8 The Churches of Oil
  • 9 The Infrahuman Masterpiece
  • 10 Angel of Fortune and Crime