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Steve Vai: Flex-able: 36th Anniversary (Anniversary Edition) CD-Audio

Flex-able: 36th Anniversary (Anniversary Edition)
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Light Without Heat Inc. - Flex-Able: 36th Anniversary - Steve Vai - Coming fresh off his 3 year residency as lead guitarist in Frank Zappa's band, Steve Vai spent the majority of 1983 in the studio. These recordings resulted in the 1984 release of Flex-Able which introduced Vai to the world as a solo artist. The standout instrumental track, "The Attitude Song", was featured in the October 1984 issue of Guitar Player magazine as the first sound sheet Flexi Disc and quickly established Vai as a bonafide and powerful innovator of guitar pyrotechnics. Flex-Able has served as an integral part of Vai's career that paved the way for him to join Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth's band, Whitesnake, and to create his follow up, platinum tour-de-force, second album Passion & Warfare.

  • 1 Little Green Men 
  • 2 Viv Woman 
  • 3 Lovers Are Crazy 
  • 4 Salamanders in the Sun 
  • 5 The Boy/Girl Song 
  • 6 The Attitude Song 
  • 7 Call It Sleep 
  • 8 Junkie 
  • 9 Bill's Private Parts 
  • 10 Next Stop Earth 
  • 11 There's Something Dead in Here


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