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Igorrr: Hallelujah (Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Hallelujah (Digipack Packaging)
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The album "Hallelujah" is not only the follow-up to "Nostril" but also a definite step forward for Igorrr. An album which was years in the making, it is the translation into tracks of very old ideas and the combination not only of styles, but also of many guest musician's talent. Together with several new singers and musicians, Igorrr has perfected the concepts he had touched in his previous albums, improving his production and mixing breakcore, baroque classical music and metal in an even faster, more coherent, and crazier way.

  • 1 Tout Petit Moineau
  • 2 Damaged Wig
  • 3 Absolute Psalm
  • 4 Cicadidae
  • 5 Vegetable Soup
  • 6 Lullaby for a Fat Jellyfish
  • 7 Grosse Barbe
  • 8 Corpus Tristis
  • 9 Scarlatti 2.0
  • 10 Toothpaste
  • 11 Infinite Loop


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