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downset.: Maintain CD-Audio

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The word MAINTAIN is defined as 'a condition or state of affairs; to provide with the necessities for life or existence.' To have the ability to maintain is to be able to hold fast to the unpredictable balance that is life, and to find a way to prosper through the most fluctuating of circumstances. LA hardcore natives downset.are no stranger to this concept, going on to use life's checks and balances as the inspiration for their first new album in almost 8 years: MAINTAIN. Recently signed to world renowned heavy metal label Nuclear Blast Records, and having recently released reissued throwbacks of their original demos, downset.have reawakened the passion of old-school hardcore within themselves, and have tapped back into the energy that fueled them from the beginning: life, death, love, hate, injustice... and the streets.

  • 1 Maintain 
  • 2 Blackest of Days 
  • 3 New Respect 
  • 4 Won't Forget 
  • 5 Wreck It 
  • 6 On Lock (Only the Defest) 
  • 7 The Place to Be 
  • 8 Your Power 
  • 9 Positive Mind 
  • 10 Hear Me Now 
  • 11 Deeper 
  • 12 Ready for This


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